Short Shoot about Toma Hawk

After 5 years Toma Hawk creeps out of his studio with a lot of new and powerful music in his luggage.

25 years ago Toma Hawk started to play as DJ and made his first little steps as producer. The rave culture is part of his life and the best what ever happen! Now after a 5 years break he is back on stage.

Fresh – Satisfied  – Powerful!

„If i can make the people happy with my music, all goals are achieved. I look forward to the next 25 years with unforgettable experiences. The crowd is the key of happiness“

Music is the key

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Short Shoot about Sam Junk

Sam Junk started 1988 to produce electronic music with only 16 years on a C64 and AMIGA. Till today Sam uses untill hundreds of aliases for thousands of releases!

It was the time of pure Acid House and Rave Music. First releases from Sam were in Belgium, where the NEWBEAT sound was already strongs for years. In 1993 he get in contact with Music Mail (Upbeat Records Stuttgart) and Formaldehyd Records Berlin.

On this Labels he gets the first massive Vinyl Club Hits.

Now Sam Junk is a part of the Lakota records family! Back to Techno, Acid & House. This is the sound where every starts 30 years ago – and still strong.

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Short Shoot about Jungle Jerry

Legendary. International. First class.

The multitalented master of music manipulation Jungle Jerry has redefined the role of DJ in recent years with an array of accomplishments.

With a career spanning a good 2 decades,. Inspired by the international club scene, he plays multiple house music genres and has landed gigs spinning at high-profile parties in South East Asia, Australia and Europe.

Welcome on board from the Lakota records family!

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